Aquatic Therapy

Pool Benefits

One of the main benefits of aquatic therapy is the buoyancy that the water provides the patient. While in the water, the human body feels much lighter than it would feel on land. The water gives much needed support when the patient's muscles and joints are not able to support much weight. This allows them to complete the exercises much easier than they normally would be able to.  Another benefit of aquatic therapy is the water resistance a patient experiences while in the pool for therapy. Air resistance is much less than water resistance, so patients exercising in the water use many more muscles than they would by exercising on land. The water resistance also helps to improve the patient's strength and balance.  Aquatic therapy is performed in a heated pool with temperatures normally between 92 and 96 degrees. The heated water helps the aching muscles and joints to relax. It also improves blood circulation. Patients suffering from back pain and muscle spasms are the ones who benefit the most from the heat.

Whirlpool Benefits

Adequate blood circulation is needed to deliver nutrients such as oxygen, vitamins, minerals and glucose to the cells of your body. Without good cardiovascular circulation the body cannot heal wounds or function optimally. A warm water whirlpool bath increases vasodilation, and allows nutrients to flow more freely in your bloodstream. Relief from arthritis, sports injuries and overuse of muscles is achieved by soaking in a warm whirlpool.

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  • "Without Dr. Hanley's wisdom and caring heart our little boy's spine would have snapped just by walking and he would have been forever paralyzed. We are forever grateful to this amazing man for saving our son's life."
    The Salazar Family / Redding, CA

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